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At A-n-J we understand how the need to catch fish can take control and make it impossible to go on with life until you can get your hook wet. That's why we offer fishing charters of all types and for all budgets.  We at A-n-J are primarily a drift fishing charter, where you can cast, hold the pole, hook the fish and catch the fish just like the old days!  We have not used Planer Boards for the last 4 years and we are still catching limits casting!

However we do troll when the weather requires it, which is rare.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

We are not just charter boats and drivers, but fishing guides with an uncanny ability to sense fish and create exciting charter experiences for all of our patrons.

Let's not forget the Lake Erie islands (South Bass Island, Middle Bass Island, North Bass Island, Green Island and West Sister Island) produce some of the wildest smallmouth bass fishing (affectionately referred to by many as smallies) action in the area.

Why Fish Lake Erie?

It is the heart of walleye fishing country, and Port Clinton, Ohio is considered to be the walleye capitol of the world. The western basin waters are the spawning grounds for the majority of all walleye hatches.

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Our charter dates are filling up fast for the 2019 season so pick up your phone or email us so you can be sure to get your dates scheduled.  We are also taking bookings for the 2020 season!

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Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Trophy walleye fishing begins in early spring just after the ice covering the lake has melted. Walleye are an abundant and ferocious fighting fish, which aggressively start biting in April and continue through October.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Other species on Lake Erie such as the smallmouth bass or yellow perch present an equaling task in their own right to catch.

Smallmouth bass give a tail walking display not easily duplicated by any other fish, sometimes jumping out of the water some 2 feet!!

Lake Erie Perch Fishing

Lake Erie perch (jumbo yellow perch) can keep a fishermen so busy catching them, they have not a moment to enjoy the beauty of the lake and her shores. Many a fisherman will tell you that if it is the meal you fish for, yellow perch are the finest eating fish you may ever have the pleasure to eat.

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