A-n-J Charters Guarantee

A-n-J Charters & Lodging is a business that prides itself in keeping the personal friendly touch in your fishing trip. We try to make our clients feel like "family". Unfortunately a lot of charter services have gotten away from this philosophy. they have gotten too big 5-10-20-30 boats!

I've heard stories where your captain could be a 30 year veteran, but more often than not, these companies have to use who ever they can, and a lot of their captains are rookies (1-3 years of experience) on the lake. These captains are more interested in getting a paycheck than catching fish. They'll sit near the end of the day and watch the clock!!

We at A-n-J Charters have just 3 Captains to work on two boats, and all have over 30 years of experience on the water. We fish hard; a full 8 hours of fishing time and we are constantly in touch with a number of other captains in our fishing group, to make sure we get you on the hot bite, but most important we keep it friendly and pride ourselves in keeping the personal touch on your fishing trip. And by the way we have Fun, Fun, Fun!

I guarantee that you will not find another charter service that works harder or is as professional as A-n-J anywhere on Lake Erie.  I pride myself in doing business for over 40 years and you as the customer will always be #1 with me. 


Jeff Goehring/Captain AJ

Sole Owner

Why Book A Charter With A-n-J?

  •  New for the 2020 season we've added a 38' by 13' head boat to accommodate 1-3 people.

  • Most Complete full service fleet in Western Lake Erie for the fisherman and for the non-fisherman.

  •  Boats are 30' long and 10' wide (w/Private Bathrooms).

  •  Guides are full-time fishermen (7 days a week).

  •  Guides have lifelong experience on Lake Erie.

  •  Our standard Charter is 8 hours of actual fishing time.

  •  1 trip per day with flexible dock times.

  •  Shortest run to the fishing reefs. (more fishing time)

  •  Many satisfied, repeat clients (ask for a reference list).

  •  Best Prices, Reasonable prices, quality service.

  •  Our marina has a restaurant and lounge.

  •  Our marina has a convenience store.

  •  Our marina has fish cleaning facilities.

  •  If you need overnight accommodations - we have mobile homes, condos, and for larger groups we have 3 Hunting & Fishing Lodges, which will easily accommodate 12 people. Just call us at 419-341-0350 or 419-635-4436, or you can contact us by e-mail at anjcharters@gmail.com