Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Walleye fishing with A-N-J Charters was unbelievable in 2019 we drift fish 90 % of the time.You hold the pole,you cast and retrieve you catch them, not only the fun way, but like we did 30 years ago. the last time i had to troll was 2014 mid July since then i haven't put a planner board in the water since then. calm lake, 2 foot chop as long as my people would cast we limited out!!!! The 2019 season in May and June 60 straight days we limited in 2 and 1/2 drifts in less than 3 hours just unbelievable !!! Come join the A-N-J Charter team we fish 8 hours of fishing not dock to dock when we limit out early we are more than happy to take you yellow perch fishing,Small Mouth Bass fishing .HECK a few days we went Channel Catfish fishing 36 walleye 180 pounds and bonus that day 200 pounds of catfish. we at A-N-J Charters give you what you pay for not like other charters that limit out (like we do in 2 3 hours) and they go to dock !! If you want to stay we fish .

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well we need either warm uo to get skim ice off or get real cold to make ice or go south to florida